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March 14 2011
How did this 'name-calling' and 'derogatory' comments all come about? Well Desmond Hudson, Law Society Chief Executive, decide on a 'vendetta' against all LS 'Protest Websites' on the Internet, let me quote Mr Vassal-Adams QC, "...without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy" which led to the Internet Searchengines, caused by careless information (or was it 'careless') he fed to a Guardian Journalist, becoming abundantly littered with false accuations and name calling against an innocent party.
21 Oct   It appears Desmond Hudson, Law Society's chief executive, in a conversation/interview with Journalist, Jon Robins, made derogatory comments about my website; "However from all we have seen, what this website is about is simply a blanket characterisation of all legal professionals as corrupt, and providing a vehicle for pursuing personal grudges and vendettas". Today I have written to Des for his explanation..
Large Pockets Des, Law Society's chief executive, states he never spoke or was interviewed by Jon Robins only supplied a comment to a request!.
Wrote Desmond Hudson, Law Society's chief executive, asking for info of the request by Jon Robins and a copy of his comments.
A reply from Des via Joao Cutto, Information Compliance Officer, stating the Law Society are not covered by the Freedom of Information Act but adopted their own voluntary Code of Practice which closely reflect the FOIA. They will respond by the 14 December.
Des wrote telling me my complaint is with the news media. No Sir, it wasn't me it was that kid down the road, I saw him do it! . 'Pathetic'. Do these people have any 'Balls'?

I have written to Des telling him I don't agree with his finger-pointing at the news media. I quoted Justice Tugendhat to him "you should take reasonable care in relation to the publication"..

8 Dec .
Received on
12 December
Des gives an opinion on behalf of the Law Society on the "Solicitors from Hell" website. Des was very careless in not correctly naming which website he was referring to (Mr Vassall-Adams QC said in Court: - "... very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy"). 'Del Boy' sorry' Des, being on £400,000 (£8,000 per week) plus extras it would be expected he would not make 'disastrous' mistakes and when confronted by the website owner the derogatory comment were made against would not expect him to give the 'one finger salute'..
15 Dec
Received on
19 December
I have received a letter from Des that states; "Accordingly I consider our correspondence closed".
Thats Des's opinion not mine.
2012 . . . .
9 Jan

I sent a complaint to Adam Sampson, Chief Ombudsman, about Des Hudson, Law Society's Chief Executive.
Adam Sampson Office 'phoned me at 9.30am on 12 Jan telling me they only deal with 'inadequate' service of
Solicitors/law firms and I should contact the LS at Chancery Lane.

After Adam Sampson's office 'phone me I emailed the LS via their online enquiry form.
Becky West, LS Head of Private Office, emails me saying: "Please may I request further details of the nature of your complaint. I would be grateful if you could send this to me as soon as possible".
Following Becky West, Head of Private Office, "request" I put together a complete file of my complaint and all other related documents as I had previouly sent to the Chief Ombudsman with a covering letter.
  Awaiting a response from Chancery Lane. . Back in November 2010 Des, LS Chief Exec, wrote to Christopher Graham the Information Commissioner, to 'drum-up' support against the 'Solicitors from Hell' website the IC replied in January 2011 and it seems 'Des Boy' once again has 'shot himself in the foot'. - Read the Letter..
Head of Private Office, Becky West, replies to my 'Complaint' against Des Hudson but 'Becky' is confused, she doesn't understand that I have made a 'complaint' against Des Boy not part of my correspondence I previously had with him.
Becky tells me "Law Society correspondence in regards to this matter is now at a close" That sounds familiar to the 'Protection Racket' that is operated by the Law Society.
Wrote to 'Waste of time Becky' (Head of Private Office) suggesting she takes some lessons in 'Complaints Handling'.
I have today written to John Wotton, President of the Law Society to ask about his in-house Complaints Procedures and if he has 'Mad Dog Des' on a lead, but after his vendetta against Rick Kordowski he's probably 'uncontrollable'..
It usually it takes the LS weeks to reply to letters this one was answered in minutes by Mad Dog Des's Handler 'King John Wotton' the Law Society President, ain't I the 'lucky boy'. "...Desmond Hudson and Becky West, will not be entering into any further correspondence with you on this matter". Signed Rebecca Bramble, PA to the President.
I have today written to the Law Society 'Pit Bulls' pointing out they are guilty of 'maladministration' and I will shortly refer a complaint to that effect to Dame Julie Mellor DBE, PHSO (The Ombudsman).
30 Apr Again wrote to Adam the 'Ant' Sampson the Chief Legal Ombudsman but it appears he was too busy with his hand in the Till.. and was Sacked. The 'Ant' clearly had lied when he told me that part of the Law Society was not part of his Remit...
My thoughts

Lord Denning 1899-1999 "The law was to serve the people and not vice versa. And 'No One' was above it.".
I wonder if that meant members of the Law Society Board at Chancery Lane, if it did, are 'King John Wotton' and
'Mad Dog Des' Hudson "Drinking at the Last Chance Saloon" or maybe it's their equivalent to 'Custer's Last Stand' at the 'Battle of the Greasy Grass' (so called by the Indians involved).

Aka 'Raging Bull'

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