Desmond Hudson, Law Society's Chief Executive

Law Society
Complaints Dept.
113 Chancery Lane
17 January 2012

Complaint against Desmond Hudson, LS Chief Executive

I am the owner/author of the website ' (.com) which was registered in Feb 2003 and has been well known to the Law Society since approx Nov 2003. My letter to Desmond Hudson dated 9/12/2011 (Encl (1) marked F) shows at least twelve departments which included the Law Society President, Vice President, Deputy Vice President, and the Law Society's Chief Executive, were also all aware of my website. I have also exchanged correspondence with Lord Falconer, the PHSO and the Master of the Rolls also my local MP was involved.

I'm sure you will be aware of Rick Kordowski as he was recently dragged into the High Court by the Law Society and forced by the Court to close down his website '' ( reg, 2005 ) a few months ago. The '' website has no connection with my website ''. Through Desmond Hudson's lack of care when he sent an email to a Journalist, the contents which he knew would be published on the Internet, my website (.com) was accused of all Mr Kordowski's misdemeanours/convictions, if that's what they are. My website (.com) is 'fact' based with all supporting evidence within which means the content is not 'derogatory' and would fall under the umbrella of Desmond Hudson's second quote of; "fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and that the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important".

Encl (3) are, as can be seen, Google searchengine listings and some media web pages that show how my website (.com) has been defamed by Desmond Hudson's lack of care in the email he sent to Journalist, Jon Robins, who was acting on behalf of the Guardian, which I will return to. The Guardian has 12m 'pagehits' per day the article was copied from the Guardian by scores of other media websites making the damage colossal, as can be seen from Encl (3), not only that, the story is still being carried over ten months later. I have taken my complaint up with Desmond Hudson concerning his derogatory comments that are still pinned to my .com website on numerous Internet websites but he feels comfortable his comments are correct that he has made against my .com website which led to me being branded "Website that has become the scourge of all lawyers, good and bad".
You will of course have noticed the correct website ( is nowhere mentioned on these Searchengine listings which show the damage caused by Mr Hudson's 'lack of care'.

Encl (2) the email: The email from Jon Robins to Mr Hudson dated 21 March stated
Subject: SolicitorsfromHULL inside of the message it contained the word "Solsfromhell".
Reply from Catherine Reed still said; Subject: SolicitorsfromHULL and Jon Robins reply also said; Subject: SolicitorsfromHULL probably doesn't sound much but the variation should have rung Mr Hudson's alarm bells. My .com website was well known by the Law Society, as I have stated in paragraph one above, which must have included Desmond Hudson and he had been busy going after Rick Kordowski's website for a few years, also he had stated via the Internet media that he was monitoring all 'protest' websites so he clearly knew what website was what. The actions by Mr Hudson for not correctly identifying the website he was referring to was in the very least 'negligent' for as all school children know the final identification of any Domain name is in the final 'Suffix' letters, in this case not .com but If a 'John Smith' committed some horrendous crime, should a different 'John Smith' be punished for that crime? Maybe Mr Hudson believes 'Birds of a feather, flock together' and they all get what they deserve!

Let me quote from a letter I sent to my ex-solicitors dated 14th June 2011;

"If you would like to write a 'review' of your thoughts concerning my website its rights and wrongs or whatever I will waive all rights to the Solicitors Confidential rule, allow you to use any document(s) from my file, of which I have added several which hopefully you would comment on and I will publish it in a prominent place on my website. Of course 'defamatory' content, as in my case, will need to be established with evidence in support. I have added some Law Society guidelines on in-house complaint procedures; perhaps you could make a point of explaining your lack of any when I asked to see Gordon Luckhurst and if the system has improved at the present time".

If Desmond Hudson would like to contact me with his thoughts on my .com website I will listen to all of his comments with interest and if he convinces me there are 'derogatory' comments I will remove them without the need of Court Proceedings. If he fails to show my website falls outside of his comment "fair criticism" is "entirely valid" and the need for clients to be able to give feedback is "extremely important" then Mr Hudson will need to justify his reckless actions that allowed his derogatory comments to be pinned to my name and his failure to put things right when I requested it of him: -
"I believe you need to get together with the Journalist, the newspaper, the PCC and Sir Michael Wilcocks the 'Independent .Reviewer' who has no powers of 'review' and find some solution to the problem caused by yourself and the Journalist, Jon Robins".

Encl (1) marked 'A' third to last paragraph.

Let me repeat what I said in my letter dated 21 Oct '11 (Encl (1) marked 'A') to Mr Hudson, page 2 halfway down;

"Mr. Justice Tugendhat said in Court to Rick Kordowski, he "should take reasonable care in relation to the publication", also Mr Vassall-Adams QC said "...that Mr Kordowski appeared to be willing to publish very serious defamatory allegations without any prior check to establish their truth or accuracy". Obviously when you spoke to Jon Robins you failed to 'take reasonable care' that you had your facts right and an innocent person has suffered because of your carelessness".
Mr Hudson's last letter dated 15 Dec 2011 states "Accordingly I consider our correspondence at a close" which forced me into making an official complaint concerning his lack of care when making allegations.

My ex-solicitors are so confused by this debacle caused by Mr Hudson's carelessness they have recently been sending me threatening letters believing my website to be that owned by Mr Kordowski and the Law Society will be prosecuting me where they (TBW) will be making a claim against me for damages. In the next week or so I will be making a complaint against my ex-solicitors, Thomas Boyd Whyte.

My thoughts
Desmond Hudson on behalf of the LS and law firms took Rick Kordowski to the High Court, for allegedly publishing defamatory comments against Solicitors, where he was found guilty after which he was forced to close his website. As I see it Desmond Hudson at the heart of the LS has committed the same offence by his careless actions also his article accused me of extorting money to remove listings from my .com website. It will be interesting to see what road the LS takes against its own member who has, through careless actions, accused an innocent party of the crimes of some other person which ended with derogatory comments about me being plastered all over the Internet.


1. All correspondence between myself and Mr Hudson from 21 Oct and 15 Dec 2011 (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (H) (I)
2. Email(s) between Mr Hudson and Journalist, Jon Robins, for publication in the Guardian which Mr Hudson was aware of.
3. Google Searchengine results all naming the wrong website and a few of the many media webpage's again all naming the
. . wrong website, there were none found anywhere naming the correct website (
Also included was the letter I had sent to Adam Sampson, Legal Ombudsman

. Brian Gray
The Law Society's Becky West, Head of Private Office, investigates my complaint, I think, or maybe not, I don't think 'Becky has all her Marbles probably was influenced by 'Mad Dog Des'. I have replied to Becky but not sure she will get the message.
As Becky does not understand 'Complaint Procedures' I have tried John Wotton, Law Society President, to see just how
enrooted the 'Protection Racket' is.
Usally it takes the LS weeks to reply to letters this one was answered in minutes by Mad Dog Des's 'Handler' John Wotton the LS President, ain't I the 'lucky boy'. "...Desmond Hudson and Becky West, will not be entering into any further correspondence with you on this matter". Signed Rebecca Bramble, PA to the President.
Mad Dog Des played the 'Get out of Jail Free Card' + a 'Free Pardon' by the LS