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A complaint has been made to the PRESS COMPLAINTS COMMISSION (PCC)

Journalist Jon Robins wrote an article concerning Rick Kordowski's ( Court appearances concerning 'defamatory' content about certain Solicitors and law firms, Rick has lost some five claims with around 15 pending.

I'm sure when Rick published the content on his website he felt competent the information from 'third parties' was accurate, unfortunately, that appears not to be so, let me quote Neil Rose, Legal Futures Publishing Ltd, who is a qualified solicitor "out of an error that I'm sure was not deliberate" but unfortunately the Court didn't see it that way.

So why has there been a complaint made to the PCC?
The Guardian who is responsible for publishing Jon Robins 'ramblings' have attributed all the defamatory content and Court findings to this website ( and have stated there are list of Solicitors and law firm blacklisted on this website, which simple is not true and never have been, this website is accused by the Guardian of making charges to solicitors clients to list a law firm and charge law firms and Solicitors a fee to remove the listings, this is not true and never has been.

The Guardian and Jon Robins have ignored emails for the last six weeks (a total of 12 emails in 15 days sent to 6 mail boxes) so I have had no option but to make a complaint to the PCC. Under the PCC's Confidentiality: correspondence cannot be published but in due course I will make public all the out comings of the complaint.

This page is published so it can be known that the Google listings relating to this website,, Jon Robins, Guardian, Rick Kordowshi are false.

Check this out, the Guardian has changed the .com in this article to which is now correct 10/05/2011.
But if you look here, (Source: The Guardian UK, 25 march 2011), in the first paragraph it states '' and there are still others pointing the finger at this website, they won't put this right overnight.

o This article was amended on 9 May. The original mistakenly referred to the website
The Guardian UK, 25 march 2011

Watch this space! . . .