Schutzstaffel (SS)
"the Hitler in our midst" Stormtroopers

The 'Solo' Guard

Below are the handpicked willing guards blinded by their admiration for their leader and totally oblivious to the crimes of their messier that has been sent to guide the 'Solo' Master Race.

  1. No. 1 Stormtrooper is Cheryl Sisk "The Inspired Solo"
    Some headings from her 'Trumpet Blowing' website; Ren
    t Cheryl's Brain;- Bringing Your Left Brain Out to Play;- Engage Your Inner Artist;- Turn Your Futon-Level Service Into Waterbed Heaven for Your Clients;- Not Just For Lawyers Anymore;- But Wait, There's More, One Free Coaching Call. Seriously;- Helping people figure out what they really, truly want;- Necessary Play: Creating an Art Day for Solo Entrepreneurs.
    And Cheryl Sisk's 'Master Stroke': - Solo Superstar Mastermind Group: - Cost: $500 per month, or $2,750 for six months (single payment). Carolyn Elefant accused me of 'Extortion' for the 'crimes' (if that what they were) of somebody else, I wonder what the Elefant would calls that rip-off?
    Why do I say Cheryl Sisk money-making 'gag' is a 'Rip-Off'? Well first look at her prices then she supports Carolyn Elefant claim that I was 'Extorting' Money from English law firms and even though that was not correct Sisk supports the Elefant's stance that no apology should be given for her false outrageous allegations. What an attitude for this 'Inspired Solo' to teach her pupils which is probably the reason "theinspiredsolo" don't survive in 'Big Law'. I will at this point quote the Elefant
    ; " lawyers correct their mistakes says a lot about the type of lawyer they are" clearly these pair are two peas out of the same pod.

  2. Attorney James (likes to be called Chuck) Newton is a staunch Stormtrooper.

  3. Sent an email anonymously
    Nutjob is an Elefant 'Storm trooper' probably one of them there 'Solos' that Carolyn Elefant is out to lead, he threw lots of insults about my "basic web design and typography...adhd miasma of fonts, colors and sizes you slap up willy-nilly", it does appear that after he had read the Law Society Gazette, just like Carolyn Elefant, he could not identify the difference between and .com and would have been confused that Rick Kordowski sounded similar to Brian Gray. Nutjob believes it is totally my fault that the Elefant had put false defamatory content on the www months before I was aware of it and I was then responsible to her for proving my innocence to have her remove it. Funny laws in the US!

    Mr Nutjob, like Carolyn Elefant, has to let it be known the skills and education he possesses which in my case are well lacking, hence I used a firm of lawyers for my litigation against a large construction company. The Senior Partner admitted 'Professional Misconduct' in a letter he wrote but the Law Society protected him.

    My early education was during WWII and after during the time England was rebuilding after six years of war where we suffered severe bomb damage of which, in three years of that war, the US didn't suffer any. Despite my lack of education I was reasonably successful owning and selling two businesses before retiring.

    Mr Nutjob was obviously educated during the computer age and from his bragging is a young skilled and competent computer 'Ace'. Myself in 2002/3 at the age of 66 or so I bought my first PC and some books and sat down to teach myself some basic computing skills so as to tell my story to the world how corrupt the English law system is. The main problem with the English system is that it is 'self regulating' with its main aim to be 'self protecting' and my recent encounters with some US Solo Attorneys show the American system is no better.

    Mr Nutjob said; "We yanks are, after all, a highly egocentric group" (careless of the feelings of others), he said it, I didn't!

    Nutjob did show concern for my wellbeing; "like making sure your meds are adjusted properly", thank you I will do that.

    We English are the 'Jack Russell' terrier breed type which as most people know was named after a English Parish Vicar, these yank solos are definitely the American 'Pit Bull' breed, the trouble with Nutjob is that he has not got the 'Pit Balls' to put his name to his rant.

  4. 2nd email from; nutjob.20.Zamboni
    Nutjob Zamboni clearly stated his/her first email was from 'nutjob.20.Zamboni' but now in his/her recent email states that's who he/she was sending it to, 'confused'? Must be some 'Split or Personality' disorder with this one.

    Let me quote from Nutjob's current email: - "Brian, your response as posted was typically incoherent, and my quotes were out of context. You missed my sarcasm and misinterpreted the rest. As usual. Your lack of understanding of basic cues leads me to wonder if you're not on some portion of the Asperger's continuum". Dr. Grandin described "Asperger's continuum" as "…they tend to excel in math and music, but can often struggle with reading…" Let us look at the clues, Carolyn Elefant read the Law Society Gazette and misunderstood what was written, I also sent her two emails and her excuse for naming the wrong person and not removing defamatory content from the web she said "In reality, I had confused the two", "Despite the emails from Gray, I couldn't figure out my error" and "I was confused". Nutjob has read all the same information and cannot see the mistakes the Elefant made and does not believe there is any reason for which she has to apologise. What do the 'clues' tell us who is suffering from this form of autism?? My suggestion to Nutjob is that Dr. Linda Holliday Wiley's book Pretending to Be Normal is worth reading.

    Nutjob's final comment "No matter. Enjoy the rest of your jihad"**. That seems a strange comment.
    Is there a connection with this comment and Carolyn Elefant's married name 'Israel'?

    Looking at nutjob Zamboni's obvious computing and web design skills they seem very similar to Carolyn Elefant's bragging of her vast array of talents, also their lack of reading and understanding facts correctly including when horrendous mistakes are made against somebody both don't believe any apologies should be offered. What is the obvious conclusion anyone would come to? Well if "anyone" was a criminal 'Profiler' its odds-on Nutjob Zamboni and Carolyn Elefant would be one-and-the-same (I suppose the Elefant's confusing of Rick Kordowski and Brian Gray was a similar scenario, ie. doesn't quite know who she is)! - Still no sign of the 'Pit Balls'.
    **The U.S. Government Defines Jihad. As used in this First Superceding Indictment, "jihad" is the Arabic word for "holy war."

  5. 3rd and last email from Nutjob Zamboni
    Sent: 09 July 2010 16:48:03

    You have too much time on your hands, and I find you boring. Good bye.

    This will, of course, engender another response from you. In addition to boring, you are predictable.

    Your pal",

  6. My final reply to 'Nutjob Zamboni'
    Subject: RE: Carolyn Elefant - Bwahahahahaha.

    Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 17:46:36

    Dear Nutjob
    Of course "another response" I suppose it could be said you 'enriched' my life for a short while and I hope you notice I never once got bitter or nasty (or did I?). "Boring?" I suppose its how you look at it but I certainly rang your bell.

    "You have too much time on your hands" funny that, when you retire there does not seem enough time in the day.

    I'm flattered that you now consider me "Your pal" when last time I was a 'Dude' and I notice you have at least adopted the name 'Nutjob'.

    As you say 'Good bye' I think I might miss having somebody pointing out my 'good' points so profoundly!

    PS I just might add a comment to my website when I get time, nothing drastic or nasty, it might even be a thank you for your interest. I might even comment that my "Criminal Profiling" could be correct.

    I have to smile for I've gone from "Dude" some days ago to currently "Your pal", (I'm ecstatic).
    I would say that there is no shadow of doubt that Nutjob Zamboni is none other than Attorney Carolyn Elefant.

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