Thomas Boyd Whyte Welcome to our new site!
We have updated our website to coincide with our new rebrand.
Was 'Thos Boyd Whyte' but are trying to lose the stigma of that old brand.
Thos, Thomas (or whatever) Boyd Whyte are still the same Ol' lot aimlessly thrashing around in the dark. They have been reading on the Internet about Rick Kordowski and his website "Solicitors from Hell" Court adventures and because the Guardian and their 'Star Idiot' Journalist Jon Robins published an article based on a carelessly worded email from the Law Society's Chief Executive, Desmond Hudson, TBW have been wagging their tails so hard their arses have fallen off. TBW are so 'confused' they believe this website is going to be taken to the High Court and they will get their cost and compensation from me, 'pathetic'. Leopards never change their spots overnight, this lot have tried but have now realised it cannot be done so they will carry on just as they have always done up 'disaster alley'.

26 May 2011 TBW read false information put out on the Internet by the Guardian which accused this website of all Rick's
'misdemeanours', if that's what they are, from this TBW believes this website belongs to Rick and will be taken to Court by the
Law Society, although if you read this letter and my next letter it's hard to quite understand their logic.

6 June 2011 I have replied to TBW's letter trying to explain that they have become confused by information put on the Internet by
the Guardian but they are not in the 'moody' as they are still 'Tail Wagging'.

8 June 2011 whoop-hey two days and there's a reply through the door they certainly think they are on a 'roll' with the Law Society's
intentions of Court Proceedings. TBW "We strongly recommend that you obtain independent legal advice in relation to the content
of this and earlier correspondence...damages and cost"
. This lot still have their knickers on back-to-front.

14 June 2011 My second letter I try hard to explain the facts to TBW but it's the same when they handled my litigation it was hard to
make them understand the simplest of instructions.

November 2011 To date no reply has been received from TBW?

29 November Over five months and TBW have not replied maybe they realise they are 'barking' up the wrong tree. Oh well I have
today written to them to see if anybody is at 'home'.

15 December TBW raise their head telling me Solicitor John Connor no longer works for them, that's funny as he is still listed on their "Our People" page. May be he don't like the way Senior Partner, Gordon Luckhurst, has stuck his head in the 'noose'.